Horse Safari

Horse SafariExploring the different facets of a land on the back of a horse is a thrilling experience. The horse safari tours usually continue upto four or five days. Stay overnight in the camps that are equipped with all the necessary amenities. Explore the least explored barren and rugged terrains of India. Enjoy the galloping thrills while you are seated on a horseback.

Horse safaris are conducted in areas which are cut from the rest of the world. Places that are neither reachable by a car nor by a plane are explored through horse safaris. Take the example of the Great Himalayas where several remote regions remain untouched till date. You can also spare time to indulge in trekking while you are in the Himalayas.

No wonder, these horse safari are the finest of all the adventures with a touch of regalia to it. The rocky cliffs and the sandy landscape of Jaisalmer proves to be yet another ideal locale for conducting horse safaris. Discovering the diverse facets of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan on a horse safari is an extraordinary experience.


Make sure that you know at least the basics of riding if you want to indulge in a horse safari. You should be able to trot the horse through tough terrains and be used to of all paces. Ii becomes an advantage if you are an experienced horse rider. Undertake a horse safari under the guidance of a professional guide. Make sure that you choose a horse which is trained for safaris and suited to the extreme type of climate.  The weather conditions of places where horse safari is conducted is unpredictable. It is advised to carry a raincoat, a hat and riding gloves. Also carry first aid kit and important medications along with you.


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