Adventure Sports in India

SkiingIndia, more popular as the land of snake charmers is the talk of the past. India extends far beyond this stereotype image. For centuries now, India has been placed as a cultural and historic tourist destination on the world map. But in the recent years, India has risen to be a prominent and distinguished destination for the adventure enthusiasts from across the globe.

There exists a sheer variety of adventure sports in India that you will simply love to indulge in. The diverse opportunities for adventure offered by the only country on the planet Earth catapults several adventure lovers to this place each year. From rock climbing to trekking in the Himalayas to river rafting in Uttaranchal, from hot air ballooning in the plains of India to camel rides amidst the golden sands of the Thar Desert. If all this is offered by the North India, South India offers immense opportunities for indulging in water sports. There are endless opportunities for adventure sports in India. You just have to name the activity and India has it. Though all sorts of sports may not be present in India but it offers the best facilities for some of them.

Thanks to the diverse topography of India that has made it the most sought after adventure destination. Both the snow-clad mountain ranges and barren desert landscape fascinate those who are looking for a varied experience. Some of the popular adventure sports in India are :


A number of trekking options in India are waiting for the trekkers to arrive. Some slopes are soft while others are rough. Easy or hard, treks are found in several parts of India. The country offers a vast scope for adventure, specially trekking. The trekking itineraries in Indian mountain ranges, that last for at least a day, prove to be the best opportunity for discovering new things by the trekker.


Bumping and swirling over the gushy waters is what makes river rafting in India a thrilling sport. Also known as white water rafting, the water bodies in the upper Himalayas serve as the best place for rafting across the globe. The waters of these rivers crashes into the rocks, cuts against rocky banks, breaking into rapids, foaming and falling with a roaring bang. A wide variety of rafting sites are offered by India, for both learners and professionals.


Come to the India and accept the challenge that the snow-clad terrain offers. The charm of sliding over the snow-capped slopes is an awe-inspiring experience. Enjoy the fastest fascinating sport – skiing amidst the slopes of the Indian mountain ranges. Several famous playgrounds for conducting winter sports such as skiing are present in different parts of the country.


Mountaineering in India is not a new sport. Along with the evolution of the human evolved the adventure sport. It was initially developed in order to meet people and trade goods across the border. Though man developed other modes for transportation with time but his nature to take risks still remained the same.


One of the most popular adventure sport in India is biking. The adventure activity is just the right for those who are rough and tough. Mountain biking courses that are offered in the Himalayas are full of fun. Bike through the place to get an actual feel of the rich culture and the village life in the Himalayas. The holiday will be such that will remain etched in your memory forever.

Camel Safari

amel Safari is not new to India. Fondly known as the "Ship of the Desert", camels have been a major source of transportation for centuries in Rajasthan, India. Exploring the whole of the desert on the back of a camel has become popular amongst the tourists from far and wide. The Thar Desert provides ideal opportunities for a camel safari around the desolate sand dunes. It enables you to discover the true essence of the desert.


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