Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air BalooningIn the year 1783, the first hot air balloon took to the sky. Soon, with the invention and popularity of the air planes, the fashion of hot air ballooning was kicked off. Only in the last century, the hot air ballooning has revived as a great adventure sport in India. Ballooning shall exhilarate you so much so that it will leave your heart pound at a fast rate. The view that you get from the top is simply stunning. The adventure enthusiasts can have a joy ride on a balloon for a nominal fee.

The credit for introducing professional hot air ballooning in India goes solely to Major Mukesh Kumar, an ace balloonist. The individual has several ballooning achievements to his name. He has flown a balloon over several points stretching over and across the great Himalayas. At an air show in Bangalore, he took the balloon as high as 26,000 feet. In an international ballooning competition held in Japan, Major has represented India.


A person of any age can enjoy hot air ballooning. Only those are physically fit can indulge in tis sport as you will have to walk after you land. You will again have to keep standing during the flight as the basket does not have any seats. In order to make yourself as well the others in the basket comfortable, it is advised not to take kids along. Children below the age of 12 years should be accompanied by adults.

The winds are calmer after the sun rises and this is the most suitable time to indulge in ballooning. Ideal conditions for ballooning are offered by the winter months. The duration of the flight depends on factors like temperature and winds.

Do wear boots or tough shoes, gloves, sunglasses and cap. While you are in the balloon, the temperature is no colder than it is on the ground. The height that the balloon rises to depends on the number of people in the balloon. The lesser is the population inside the balloon, the greater is the height it rises to. The faster the wind blows, the speedily the balloon moves.


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